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Please read this, it is important.


I am Amber, and if you've been directed to this site it's either because you're interested in your ancestry, or because I or someone else believe it can help you in your journey. Regardless of your creed or colour, we are all united in our humanity; but if you look deeper, you may find more.

 Merfolk have existed in our world since time of memoriam; our mythology is littered with references to their kind, portraying them as beautiful enchantresses who lured sailors to their deaths, skin-walkers who changed shape in the night, and even men who refuted the land and returned to the sea.

There is a deep and hidden belief among many communities across the world that these creatures once slipped into our society and became a part of ourselves. To put it bluntly, many of us have descended from relations between humans and Merfolk. This leaves us in an interesting situation where we may carry the genes of both species. As with carriers of human genetic conditions, it may not be apparent that you even have such a thing as Mer heritage.

There are a few ways to find out, and one may work better for some than others. It is possible to contact the spirits of your ancestors through different rituals, but perhaps the most simple way is introspection; turn to your deepest thoughts and feelings and look for the spark. If the ocean calls for you, your spirit will be awakened and you will begin the slow transition from human to Mer. It may take days for some, or years for others. Many go through their lives without ever experiencing it.

If you feel that you have begun to undertake the transformation, then you can do three things; simply wait and see what happens, reverse the process, or increase the speed and severity. Bear in mind that there is a point of no return; when your tail begins to form, you cannot be rid of it. I cannot take responsibility for your loss of humanity, so please be certain before you undertake any of the methods I list.

I hope that this website can serve you well. I have set up a forum so that you may post questions, ask for advice, or even give it to less experienced members. Please utilize this site as best you can, there is strength in unity and for a race of people that is slowly dying out, we need to swim together.

Thank you for listening, please view the other pages for guides and more information.